CondÚ Nast Traveler, Hot List Tables 2008

Fish Market

In a brick-red corrugated-steel house next to the excavated Viking longhouse of ReykjavÝk's Settlement Exhibition, Fish Market is more stylish than the name suggests. Salmon skin–wrapped railings, backlit bamboo walls, low banquettes, and sexy lighting make this ReykjavÝk's chicest hangout.

Drawing on locally caught seafood and Icelandic traditions, chef Hrefna Rˇsa SŠtran plays with Asian and American flavors and creative presentations.

SŠtran's take on a Philadelphia tuna maki roll is made with cream cheese, cilantro, and the same famous fried onion shavings that top hot dogs at the legendary BŠjarins Beztu Pylsur stand.

Icelandic lamb, lightly breaded with panko and garlic, is served with a tamarind sauce and mashed potatoes. Skip the expensive wine in favor of a local beer (entrÚes, $40–$75).

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