Hrefna Rˇsa SŠtran (27) is the owner of The Fish market.

Hrefna Rˇsa SŠtran completed her chef’s internship at Apotek restaurant. She was a member of the first Junior Culinary Team of Iceland and became head chef of Maru restaurant while she was still in training.

After graduating, Hrefna began her career at the Michelin-starred restaurant LÚa Linster in Luxembourg where two other Icelandic chefs, Hßkon Mßr Írvarsson (who won third place in the Bocuse d’Or competition) and Agnar Sverrisson (Texture, London) were both head chefs at the time.

Hrefna returned to Iceland and continued her career at Sjßvarkjallarinn (Seafood Cellar), where she became the head chef after one year.

In 2004 Hrefna, became a member of the Icelandic National Culinary Team and competed three times in the Culinary World Championships and also three times in the Culinary Olympics where Iceland got there best results ever.

Hrefna was a mentor of the Icelandic Junior Culinary Team when they won a gold medal for their performance in their first competition. Hrefna has travelled extensively and visited over 20 Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.

Hrefna has been on television with several cooking showes, written cook books (for exemple the Fishmarket cook book) and has a food product line in local stores so people can take home taste from the Fishmarket.

It was always Hrefna’s dream to open her own restaurant and in 2007 she decided to jump in this new adventure when she began preparations to open her Fish Market. The restaurant opened a year later on 28 August, 2008. During the preparation for the opening, Hrefna worked with top restaurants in London and New York, such as Nobu Berkeley and Megu, to develop new techniques.

Today Fish Market is one of Iceland’s most popular restaurants. Hrefna continues to work hard to maintain the restaurant’s high standards and excellent reputation and to ensure that diners always experience new and exciting cuisine.